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The best places to eat, shop, play and stay as suggested by people who are actually living in North Central Washington. 

Whether you are a local or a visitor everyone is always looking to discover and experience what this beautiful region has to offer. is a visual, insightful and relevant resource for you to refer to when researching the 'best of' North Central Washington.  

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best form of marketing in these small communities and my desire is to help you discover some awesome businesses in our backyard and to help support my business community. Everyone wins!

L I S A   T R A U M    |   C R E A T O R 

Hello! I am the artsy type that prefers to create visual stories thru pictures rather than a bunch of time-consuming words. The first impression is the most important and pretty pictures help to tell the story. I'll give my perspective and suggestions while keeping it short and sweet.

After a career in the fashion industry selling Tommy Bahama clothing to retailers up and down the West Coast, I returned to Wenatchee in 2006 to became a small business owner of a trendy clothing store.  It was good until I closed in 2010 during the economic downturn.  I took a few years off (sorta) to take care of my family and have another baby.  During this time I was able to express my creative side by designing websites for others as well as create my own platform, 

As a small business owner I understand the rewards and challenges of staying relevant in an ever changing internet environment as well as gaining support from the local community. Trying to capture and maintain a local audience and those who come to visit is one of the biggest challenges to most businesses in the region.

I love the energy and spirit of the folks who live here.  And I love the entreprenuerial spirit that grows out of it all. I hope you will be inspired to discover and enjoy the regions natural resources and local community services that make up your daily life or your visit in NCW. 

Thank you for considering as your go-to guide to finding the best of where to eat, shop, play, stay and get married in North Central Washington. 

COLLABORATE WITH ME! has been a proven successful marketing tool for local small businesses by suggesting a tasteful and unique perspective that highlights ‘the best of’ Wenatchee and beyond from a local's point of view.  This has made a credible and valuable resource for influencer marketing collaboration.  

Are you a business in NCW and would like to talk with me about out-of-the-box marketing opportunities on that tell your message in a fun, relevant, and informative way?  I do accept marketing dollars from businesses to help promote their message to my audience but the stories on this website are inspired by my own experiences and product suggestions.  

Send me a message and lets get a conversation started!


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