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The best places to eat, shop, play and stay as suggested by people who are actually living in North Central Washington. is a unique online tool highlighting the best of where eat, shop, play and stay in North Central Washington as suggested by locals who live it everyday.  Whether you are a local or a visitor everyone is always looking to discover and experience what this beautiful region has to offer. is a visual, insightful and relevant resource for you to refer to when researching the 'best of' North Central Washington.  

I hope you will be inspired to discover and enjoy the regions natural resources and local community services that make up your daily life or your visit in NCW.  I am blessed to live in Washington state, and have an ever growing appreciation of what this area in particular has to offer in outdoor recreation and services such as better restaurants and shops. Perhaps the increase in business is due to retirees and young families moving to town for a more serene and quiet family community, or second homes for many Westside techies, and definately more tourism to Leavenworth and Lake Chelan in particular.  Whatever the reason, it all is inspired by the natural beauty and benefits this region has to offer everyone.  I love the energy and spirit of the folks who live here.  And I love the entreprenuerial spirit that grows out of it all.


L I S A   T R A U M    |   C R E A T O R 

Hello! I am the artsy type that prefers to create visual stories thru pictures rather than a bunch of time-consuming words.  The first impression is the most important and pretty pictures help to tell the story.  I'll give my perspective and suggestions while keeping it short and sweet. 

After a career in the fashion industry in Seattle and Southern California, I returned to Wenatchee in 2006 to became a small business owner of a trendy clothing store.  It was good until I had to close in 2009 during the economic downturn.  I took a few years off (sorta) to take care of my family and have another baby.  During this time I was able to express my creative side by designing websites for others as well as my own platform, Livingncw, that I could turn into a suplemental revenue source to help contribute to family expenses.  (Or at the very least, a few bucks in my pocket to buy that expensive cream everyone swears by).  Several years into this process, tens of thousands of viewers later, and plenty of ideas still left to add to this site, I am happily seeing positive growth on this website, in myself, and in my community.   Guess I'll stick with it. 

Thank you again for considering time and again for your go-to guide to finding the best of where to eat, shop, play, stay and get married in NCW. 

DISCLAIMER:) As a previous small business owner in downtown Wenatchee I understand the rewards and challenges of staying relevant in an ever changing internet environment as well as gaining support from the local community.  I do accept marketing dollars from businesses to help promote their message to my audience but the stories on this website are inspired by my own experiences and product suggestions.  Let me know if you have a business in NCW and would like to talk with me about out-of-the-box marketing opportunities.   Thank you for visiting! -   Lisa,


Margo Carroll  |  Remedy Writing

Margo is a freelance copywriter and the owner of Remedy Writing, a freelance copy writing company based in sunny North Central Washington.

She helps businesses reach their customers with creative content including website copy, blogs, and email news letters. Her specialty is writing Health and Wellness content for businesses.

Margo is also a practicing Massage Therapist in Wenatchee who prefers yoga to the cinema and a muddy trail run over a treadmill any day. You can connect with Margo on her websiteTwitter, or via email.    |




If you have any great stories or experiences  to share with our greater community about some of your favorite places whatever,  please send me a message!  Make sure to accompany your story with pretty pictures.  People love that!   You'll become a trusted local resource and your name and business will be credited.

To contribute your story by spotlighting an experience,  place, person, promotion or product on please feel free to contact me at or call 509.860.6970. 

For advertisers, we have unique marketing campaigns that can be custom designed to fit your budget and goals.    Our traffic statistics have shown fantastic results for businesses that have had Spotlight stories published on


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