Newest on the cider scene is Independent Cider crafted on the 100 year old family orchards from which their heirloom pears are grown in Dryden, WA.   At this time distribution and tasting is limited to select restaurants in Wenatchee, Leavenworth, and Lake Chelan.  In Leavenworth you can try their Perry at Blewett Brewery and Bushel and Bee, Mcglinns will be serving in Wenatchee, and The Riverwalk Cafe and The Vogue have our cider on tap in Chelan.


'We juice pears from family orchards planted in the early 1900’s. Our heirloom pears used for our Perry are harvested, juiced, fermented to dryness and aged in the orchards they grew in.

Our modern Perry (Pear Cider) is made from 100% estate grown pear. We currently have two options available. Punchdown Perry and Sno Gem Perry. Our Punchdown Perry (limited release) is a nod to the way red wine is produced, fermented on the skins until nearly dry, pressed, and aged. This is an unfiltered, bright, dry Perry with a clean, lingering finish. Sno Gem Perry is very approachable, refreshingly dry and juicy with a slightly tangy flavor and a hint of citrus. - Micah Roberson/ Cider Maker

Keep up with Independent Cider at their facebook page.