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Welcome to Swakane Winery We are a boutique family owned winery located just north of Wenatchee, Wa. Handcrafted and small lots are the style of wines we make, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Berry Sangria. We welcome you to visit us at our Leavenworth Tasting Room and Bistro for a sample.

We began our journey in 2000 as many do, making wine at home for ourselves. Starting with the most readily available fruit found in Southwestern Washington, Blackberries, but soon venturing on to more common wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlots purchasing grapes from the Columbia Valley.

This desire and love escalated and soon Mike was in school every weekend working on his degree in Enology "The Art of Wine Making" learning everything that goes into a glass of wine from the soil the grapes are grown in to the bottles the wine is later poured from and every detail in between. After graduating in 2004 he then worked for Milum and Katy at Tildio Winery in Manson for a couple of seasons. Meanwhile we found the perfect piece of property on a gentle slope overlooking the mighty Columbia River just north of Wenatchee, and began the 6 year process of planting Riesling, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, plant by plant and row by row, and then the seemingly slow process of turning our shop into a winery.

Opening our doors in May of 2009 we discovered we had brought our dream to life and now we love to share our experience and hancrafted wines with all our friends and quests who visit Swakane Winery. Welcome to our DreamArtist Series Wines

Here at Swakane we like to support local artists and showcase their amazing work both throughout our tasting room and on our labels. Below you will find a little about the artists we are showcasing.

Madeline Nelson work featured on select labels. Madeline Nelson a Nevada native now making Wenatchee her home is our artist for both our Sangria and our Swakane Red labels her natural experiences over the years have allowed her to develop a unique style of colored pencil illustrations. With close attention to detail, a passion for vibrant color and experience dabbling in various artistic mediums, she has begun creating surreal works reflecting emotional and physical connections to our natural world that captivate the imagination.

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