Weddings are big business in NCW due to abundant sunny days, gorgeous vineyards and plenty of outdoor beauty setting the backdrop. The entreprenurial spirit has hit the wedding and event industry in North Central Washington with a bang, and the owners of the 6 new businesses mentioned in this post are pleasantly surprised just how well their businesses have been recieved. I talked with the owners to learn more about their business and what made them want to take the plunge and go for it.

Four things they all had in common; 1.) they recognized a need in their niche 2.) to have flexible schedule for their families 3.) an undeniable desire to make it happen 4:) every one of these businesses are local natives raised in the Wenatchee, Leavenworth and Brewster communities.

These unique businesses stood out to me and I think you need to know who they are and help spread the word. So brides, wedding planners, florists, venues……put these businesses on your radar!

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Self-taught, award-winnning cinematographer, life-enthusiast, and family man, Oly Mingo, has earned a reputation of being a talented photographer and cinematographer around the Wenatchee valley producing commercial and documentary films for North 40 Productions for last 12 years. With a passion for living lifes adventures and a camera in hand, Oly considers North Central Washington his paradise and loves to capture it’s beauty and celebrate the community thru creative video storytelling.

Around the time his baby was born 2 years ago, was about the time Oly re-evaluated his career and re-focused from commercial film to creating videos and photography of families celebrating life’s precious moments. Oly has a tremendous skill set and gets great enjoyment in capturing the joy that comes from weddings, family gatherings and “life” as it happens such as birthdays, anniversaries, and quinceaneras.

See Oly’s wedding video examples.

Oly is still interested in producing commercial videos as long as it has a “community” focus, but if you can get him to film your families hiking trip or a day skiing on the hill, he will be in his element and do his best creative work, custom made just for you.

(pc: Oly Mingo Films & Photography)


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GYPSY LOTUS | Katelyn Mingo

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Personalized bridal jewelry for brides and their bridal party has become a niche Katelyn Mingo has been doing for awhile. She does it beautifully and people LOVE her! Born and raised in Wenatchee, Katelyn (wife of Oly Mingo mentioned above) has been producing her own semi-precious stone and wire wrapped jewelry under the name Gypsy Lotus for close to 10 years.

Mainly thru word-of-mouth and recognition, brides come to Katelyn to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their personality and requests. Katelyn can make simple and elegant jewelry to over-the-top-amazing pieces made of moonstones, pearls, and quartz based on what the bride desires. And she will make slightly different versions for the bridal party. Give her at least 2-3 weeks turn around time from consultation and Katelyn will create whatever you want keeping her authentic style in mind.

Katelyn Mingo has gained a good, steady following over the years by starting at craft shows and farmers markets early on to now owning and operating her own brick-n-mortar shop, Gypsy Lotus, in downtown Wenatchee. You’ll find Gypsy Lotus collection as well as other local artisan jewelers, home decor, clothing, beads and jewelry making supplies, crystals, and more in the shop. You may also see the sweetest little toddler girl, Chy, running around the store. Chy gets to hang out with Mom in her own little playroom in the back of store, complete with a painting table and toys. The next little artisan in the making!

(pc: Oly Mingo Films & Photography)





When so much money is put into a beautiful wedding where everyone is dressed in their wedding best, who wants to use an icky, cramped port-a-potty? Not me! Royal Flush Luxury Portable Restrooms are conveniently delivered to your event venue in North Central Washington. Brilliant!

You never know when a good idea is going to hit. When Missy and her husband attended a couple weddings in the Seattle area, complete with luxury portable toilets, they knew this was a niche not covered in NCW that they could fill. So Missy, a financial advisor, and her husband, an insurance agent, kept their day jobs, did the research, and jumped on ordering their first trailer. By the time the first trailer arrived last year, they had enough bookings and demand to order a second trailer. And at the time of writing this post, a third trailer has been ordered and is on the way! Because this is a small yet growing family business, you may see the whole Tovar family come to drop off and pick up. They even recruit their 19 year old neighbor to come help at times.

Each Royal Flush trailer is equipped with two heated bathrooms, hot water, hard-wood floors, granite counter tops, and extra little luxuries for a comfortable and posh bathroom visit. A trailer can be dropped off the day before your event and picked up the day after. Handicap accessible and baby changing stations are available in some of the trailers. There is a base price for all locations, with an additional delivery charge based on distance. I was also told they would love to expand in the region and have franchises. Anyone?

Missy says Royal Flush is experiencing growth alot faster than they realized and they are getting booked up for this Summer, so I would call for pricing and to book your event asap!

(pc: Royal Flush)



SWANKY SWEETS | Libby Bennett


As soon as I saw Swanky Sweets cookies pop up on my social media feed last year, I was in love. In love with every design they have made! Swanky Sweet cookies are a work of art! Just look at their Facebook page for a vast portfolio.

Libby Bennett, cookie creator, started making cookies for fun when friends requested them for their celebrations. It is only within the last year and a half and thru word-of-mouth that Libby has been able to turn her “fun” hobby into an (almost) full-time job. Libby still works part-time for Young Life and is busy raising her family whom she says don’t really eat cookies.

Swanky Sweets cookies are becoming more popular at baby showers, birthdays, family functions and weddings to enjoy at the party or take as a token gift. Your cookies will be baked fresh (never frozen) and individually packaged and heat sealed so that each cookie stays fresh longer and is protected from the icing getting smudged from moisture or stacking.

Cookie flavors are mainly vanilla sugar cookies, but almond, chocolate, and seasonal Holiday apple and pumpkin spice cookies are available as well. Libby uses the Royal Icing technique to decorate cookies, which goes on as a glaze and hardens when cooled. Her vast assortment of airbrush tools, sprinkles, and artistic talent take the cookie to the next level. And with 1500 cookie cutters accumulated over the last 10 years, Libby can make cookies with just about any theme you ask. And she does it all by herself.

Swanky Sweets personalized boxed sets of cookies are gaining attention from brides who creatively use them as a way to ask their friend “will you be my bridesmaid?” How cool is that!

(pc: Swanky Sweets)


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SILVER QUEEN CANTINA | Tibor & Whitney Lak

A contractor with skills and a vision to turn a 1967 Silver Queen Travel Trailer into a mobile bar for events, inspired Leavenworth couple, Tibor & Whitney Lak, to create Silver Queen Cantina. A unique niche to the NCW event market, Silver Queen Cantina quietly came on the scene last Fall, and thru word-of-mouth marketing, is quickly gaining in bookings for the 2019 season.

Tibor gutted the vintage trailer, cut out a pop-up window, re-painted and equipped it with 2 kegerators, wine refrigerator, sink, string lights and decor. Making it super easy to set-up and look super cool at your wedding, block party, or whatever your event. The beauty is the vintage trailer of course, but you are also given the choice of someone in your party serve behind the bar or bring in a professional. All you need is a banquet permit to make it legal. And of course Whitney can help with ordering beverages and working event if preferred.

Travel and delivery is FREE from between Wenatchee to Lake Wenatchee or Chelan. Outside that range additional mileage charges may apply. Tibor and Whitney will drop off/pick-up at your location the day before/after your event. Hit the easy button! You’ve got a cool bar ready to go for your celebration.

(pc: Silver Queen Cantina)


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Wenatchee natives and high school sweethearts, Joe and Mandy Roehl, had dabbled in the RV rental market, but landed on an event rental company, Gather Event Rentals, as their chosen business venture. Working part-time at home as an accountant and homeschooling her kids who were getting older, Mandy was ready to take on running the new business while Joe worked his full-time job and lends his muscle as needed. This upcoming season will be Gather Event Rentals first full year, and they’ve been recieving tons of calls and bookings recently to keep them moving along.

Serving the Wenatchee, Quincy, Chelan and Leavenworth areas, Gather Event Rentals rents out high-quality products in a variety of tables, chairs, linens, and dance floors that will accomodate up to 200 people. They’ve also added a huge assortment of Birch Slabs in all sizes for that natural and rustic look. Mandy will continue to expand their offerings as they see requests come in and recognize what’s missing from the market.

I love the gold Chiavari Chair in their inventory! But if you need a different look and more affordable price point, Gather offers 3 other chair options to choose from along with 5 table choices, tons of linen colors, and dance floors from 8’x8’ up to 16’x16’ in size. Delivery charges start at $25 and go up to $75 (or more) depending on your event location. Everything comes nicely stacked to your location with set-up available for additional charge.

(pc: Gather Event Rentals)


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