BABYQUIP: Baby Equipment Rentals in NCW


You don’t have to bring all that baby stuff on your next visit to see family and friends in the Wenatchee Valley.  Keep it at home! Babyquip helps fill that need once you are here in the region so you can spend more time enjoying your family and vacation right away and less time hassling over setting up baby gear.

BABYQUIP is the largest baby gear rental service, now in over 100 cities across US and Canada. It's so convenient and hassle free to use.  You order online and Kaylee delivers!  Quality brands of everything you can think of needed in baby gear.



Serving North Central Washington and surrounding areas

East Wenatchee WA 98802 US


Entertainment equipment for your next celebration!

Entertainment for your guests throughout your celebration should not be overlooked! Lawn games at your wedding will provide hours of entertainment for your youngest guests to your eldest guests. Bridging the age gap so that everyone can have fun playing together. Babyquip is your best and only rental option in North Central Washington that provides the most popular yard games for any celebration!


Pick Your Gear

Choose from a wide assortment of gear, from full size cribs to jogging strollers, car seats and even toy boxes. Our gear is delivered exceptionally clean and safe and is also insured! If you don’t see something you want, ask the Trusted Partner!

Make Your Reservation

Pick a time and location and pay securely online. Our Trusted Partner will check in with you and be there with the gear you need to enjoy a great vacation!


The delivery fee includes delivery, setup of most items (excluding car seats, safety gates and other baby-proofing items), and pickup of most items at the completion of a reservation.  Sweet!  Kaylee’s delivery service extends from Wenatchee to Lake Chelan, Leavenworth, Quincy, Moses Lake and beyond with a delivery fee.

Babyquip Independent Trusted Partners provide insured, safe, and clean baby equipment rentals.

 Also great for grandparents and folks living in the valley to provide a few things for your upcoming families visit!

Meet Kaylee Garcia, Quality Provider


Kaylee recognized the need for a service that every parent desires, by helping families traveling with babies have a hassle free trip with less stuff to lug around.  

Kaylee’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to recognize this business opportunity when they came to visit family and didn’t want to lug all the extra baby stuff on planes and in cars.  Ugh! Been there.  Kaylee focused her business mindset on high-quality baby rental gear to  the NCW region.  Babyquip was already set up and thriving in other cities and regions around the country, so it was a natural fit to jump on board with this trusted company and provide the service she wished she could have used at one time when traveling to this region with her baby.  


My girls, my Mom, and myself went to Seattle for a much-needed city fix. I wanted to show them Pike Place Market and the Pier. My only concern was that my 5 yo was not interested in walking everywhere and may complain because of it, and I did not have a stroller for her anymore. So in order to keep everyone happy I relied on local Wenatchee baby gear rental provider for BABYQUIP, a national high-quality baby equipment rental service helping you out when you don't want to lug all the baby stuff. It is a lifesaver for sure!  Sierra was as happy as could be pushed around the city all day. For only $10 to $15 per day I was able to rent a clean, high-quality Bob stroller rather than pay upwards of $200 for a new one.  Kaylee Garcia, Wenatchee area and surrounding communities Babyquip representative, was so sweet and wonderful to work with. She definitely goes above and beyond good service! She will deliver wherever in NCW baby equipment for your next vacation. Thank you @babyquip_iqp_kayleegarcia