If you’re paying attention to the latest trends in fitness you’ve probably heard of Hot Yoga, also called Bikram Yoga after its founder Bikram Choudhary of India.

The heating of the hot yoga studio--typically to about 104 degrees and 40% humidity--is supposed to help warm up the body for movement as well as providing detoxification benefits similar to those gained by using a sauna.

You might be wondering, does hot yoga actually work, or is it just a bunch of hype?

The short answer is yes, Bikram yoga has proven health benefits including improved strength and flexibility and weight loss.

But to get beyond the basics, I spent some time with beyoutiful Hot Yoga owner Mimi Vimont at her studio to find out how you can get the most out of a hot yoga practice.

photo:  BHY Facebook Page

photo:  BHY Facebook Page

Mimi and her husband Wes are the owners of beyoutiful Hot Yoga (BHY) studios, with a flagship studio in East Wenatchee, two in Spokane, and a brand new location on Riverside Drive in Wenatchee.

Mimi’s passion for yoga blossomed into more than she dreamed when she and her husband took a leap of faith and opened their first studio in 2013. As their business grew, they expanded east to Spokane and just opened their newest location in Wenatchee on Thanksgiving Day, 2016.

When asked why people love the heated yoga environment so much, Vimont says “it’s almost addicting being in the heat once you get that first taste of it. It’s harder to warm up in a cold environment, so hot yoga provides the benefits of yoga without as much risk of injury. You also get the added benefit of losing waste by sweating.”

Vimont says that hot yoga is very accessible to beginners since the teacher guides participants through the exact same 26 postures in each class, making it easy to track your progress as you improve your strength and flexibility.

She recommends going to your first hot yoga class well hydrated, and not eating for the two hours prior to class. A tank top, shorts or yoga pants are your best bet for staying comfortable, and don’t forget your yoga mat and a towel!

Hot yoga classes typically last 60 minutes, and most studios will allow you to purchase a class pack, monthly membership, or a short-term new student pass to try things out before you commit to a longer membership.

Mimi loves her job because she gets to share wellness with others. She says she feels inspired when her students “find a passion in the practice that I experienced when I first started.” She’s grateful that what was once a hobby has turned into a source of income for her family.

Vimont brings her two young children along for the ride as a business owner, and feels great about making healthy living through yoga a family value.


BHY Riverside Wenatchee

741 Riverside Dr,

Wenatchee, Washington 98801

Ph: 509.470.9399


BHY East Wenatchee

920 Valley Mall Parkway

East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Ph: 509.930.9827

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