What started out as a quest to find  organic skincare remedies for their family's moody skin, has turned into an thriving all-natural skin care collection and mineral makeup line called Moody Sisters Natural Skincare, based in Cashmere, WA.

Moody Sister Whitney organizing product and shipping orders.

Moody Sister Whitney organizing product and shipping orders.

Not satisfied with chemically packed store bought brands, two Moms/Sisters, Whitney and Jess, set out to make their own all natural skincare remedies beneficial to their families sensitive skin.  Once they perfected their first product, a deodorant recipe, their friends were eagerly asking for more.  This led to creating other organic skincare remedies leading to their brilliant business idea of building a lifestyle brand focused around all natural skincare.  The business model?   'Handcrafted in small batches to make the freshest natural skin and makeup products safe for your whole family'.  These ladies have successfully grown their business from a simple need of deodorant to a fully operational small business born in our own backyard.   With this growth, Moody Sisters, has had to increase their inventory and now private labels out limited production to other NCW Mom's running their own Indy Maker businesses.  It's a win-win for everyone!  Balancing a business and managing a young family successfully is what these sisters and many other Mom's strive to do everyday, and it's working for them. 

"Fresh, Fun and down-to-earth products to simplify your moody life and balance your moody skin. Each product created came from a need -- whether it be Blemish Serum for your teen's troublesome oily skin, Dry Skin Cream for your sensitive skin or organic Dry Shampoo for those days you never do make it to the shower.  Moody Sisters Skincare is handcrafted in small batches to make the freshest natural skin and color products, safe for your whole family.   No chemicals, fragrances, dyes, sulphates, or parabens -- we’re all-natural, baby!" - MOODY SISTERS NATURAL SKINCARE


The products range from sensitive skin cleansers and moisturizers to blemish and oil control products, from luxurious lip balms to aluminum-free deodorants and scrubs. Each product is carefully handmade to rejuvenate and brighten skin the way nature intended.

Moody Sisters Skincare is 100% natural, affordable {killer} natural skincare for the whole family.  

Moody Sisters business has experienced their success over the last 8 years exclusively online thru their e-commerce website, and Etsy.  

photo:  livingncw

photo:  livingncw

 I RECOMMEND:  "My super dry and lack luster skin was craving an exfoliation to clear out the old skin and rejuvenate the new.   I bought Moody Sisters Jojoba & Acai Berry Replenishing Scrub  ($24) and Nourishing Facial Serum ($18) to help remedy this problem.  Chock full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, Moody Sisters claims this berry exfoliator has an amazing ability to replenish your skin!    It was nice to the touch, smelled naturally fresh, wasn’t abrasive, and it maintained a nice consistency of moisturizing oils that blended in with my skin.   Best results were my skin felt smoother without feeling dried out.  The serum was just as fresh to the senses, and gave me that extra shot of moisture that I always need.   It's also nice to know I am letting the most natural ingredients on earth penetrate my skin.  BONUS!   You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the affordable price point too". - Lisa T

Stay tuned to see what Moody Sisters is up to next.

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