Discovering a small town with stand out all stars. 

We know options are limited in this small farm community but the best always stand out and we were happy to stumble upon a few gems while discovering Quincy.   Along for the ride was my Mother, my fellow discoverer, and my 2 year old who keeps me on a limited time frame.   We had no expectations, and no agenda .   We just went for it.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

First on the Quincy list:  check out downtown for shopping and lunch options.  We didn't find much in the way of shopping.  But  we did find this cute home décor store, Two Doors Down, with an abundance of new and vintage treasures to keep us interersted.    Merchandised vignettes of garden and home collections  seemed well curated by the shop owner who clearly loves what she does.     

 I was especially smitten with a vintage bicycle which can be used as a prop display……somewhere.  Maybe because it reminded me of riding on my Mom’s bike all over town when we were kids.  Two kids and a Mom all balancing expertly on one bike...without helmets.   The simplicity of the ‘Good Ol Days’.

Two Doors Down,  307 S Central, Quincy, Washington,  (509) 787-7577 or (509) 787-5567

It was clear The Grainery was THE hot spot town.   Everyone  seemed to be there for a bite to eat over a meeting, stroller date, or social hour.  Upon first step in the door, you are greeted by a warm spacious atmosphere and the comforting aroma of fresh baked goods.  Ordering at the counter and open seating make this place unpretentious and easy.  Beer and local wine available.  

Recommended if you have toddlers:  A cozy corner in front of wood fire place is the most comfy spot in the house.  Adjacent to this area is a play table  with toys for the kids.  Baby happy, Mama happy.

The Grainery Café & Bakery, 101 E St SE,  Quincy, Washington   (509) 797-7240

By this point, we had taken up most of the time allowed us from a toddler.  So on our way out of Quincy, we stopped at our favorite fruit stand, White Trail Produce, for the most interesting and cool collections of gifts, fashion accessories, wine, fruit and best of all, a chocolate milkshake for the ride home.

White Trail Produce,  10024 Road U N.W, Quincy, WA  (509) 787-1543

Next time in Quincy, we are hitting up the wineries!


photo credit:  livingncw.com