See art in the making at American Shoe Shop.   Photos:  livingncw

See art in the making at American Shoe Shop.   Photos:  livingncw

Vermilyea PelleAmerican Shoe Shop |  126 North Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA|

Upon my visit to photograph boots, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a local leather goods line, Vermilyea Pelle, hand-crafted right in the same space as American Shoe Shop.   You can see them work on each bag by hand.   Dustin Spencer, owner/artisan/maker, of Vermilyea Pelle, has had this passion of making leather goods from a very early age while spending time in his grandfather's tack room.  That led to him making small leather goods and moccasins in his teen years.   Honing in on his skills as a cobbler on both products and machinery for 12 years, Dustin's craftsmanship is precise and thoughtful.   His bags have an organic-utilitarian-gentleman's-built-strong character.  

photos:  Vermilyea Pelle, @tannerblake42 (instagram)

Vermilyea Pelle creates bench-made, vintage inspired, heritage durable goods. Our products last a life time and gain character with age. From our bags, to our shoes, to our belts and accessories, every part of every product is touched by our hands. - Vermilyea Pelle

Starting in 2008 with one vintage machine and a hand full of traditional tools, he has grown to a full shop with a consistent wholesale and retail business.  As Dustin has built his shop he has also built strong relationships with US companies who craft the raw materials from which his designs are inspired.   You can see why you pay the price you do for his craftsmanship.  Just watch this video by Voortex Productions...  Beautifully made Dustin!

You can find Vermilyea Pelle products at American Shoe Shop and online at