"It has been said that Garlini's Napoletana is the community living room, a place to gather and share stories, celebrate milestones and just hang out with friends and family. I believe this to be true. The staff, the food and the patrons collectively make this home. The bar, brick fired pizza oven and the dark wooden high booths make the atmosphere cool and fun. Kids and adults alike love Garlinis! Let's talk about the food. We have been known to drop whatever meal we are about to prepare and toss our boys in the car and head to Garlini's. Yes, the traditional rustic Italian cuisine is that good. Their menu has something for everyone. Big hits in our home are the Crab Artichoke Gratimato, Michelles Mixed Greens and any and all of their authentic fired pizzas and pastas. My son is a big fan of the 39-28 pizza. Be sure to stop in and have a slice of Italy!" - Megan K.




LOCATION:  212 Fifth St #13, Wenatchee, WA  98801

(509) 884-1707