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LOCATION:  201 S. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA    |  (509) 888-9515   

Simply Unique is your local small business retail home and garden decor store and so much more...... Simply Unique provides 33 spaces for vendors as well as a consignment option for those with less to sell. Considering all the different vendors, 'variety' is a great word to describe the selection at Simply Unique. Some items are new, but most are used and repurposed. Styles range from antique and eclectic all the way to modern. Items range from gifts and furniture, to little trinkets and beautiful bed frames. Whether you're shopping for a female in her 20's or a male in his 60's, we've more than likely got a gift they'll love. 

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I love creating these design stories, as I get to take pictures and create pretty mood boards that may help you visualize a bigger picture or collection.  

Helping make homes and offices comfortable & unique.
Helping reduce waste.
Helping people find an outlet to express themselves.
Helping people make a living.
Helping restore beauty and purpose, not just to the items sold, but to the lives of its customers, vendors & friends.  - Simply Unique


All photos by  Contact for more information.

All photos by  Contact for more information.